I trained in psychology and clinical psychology, then deepened my understanding of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, family dynamics through continuous education as well as professional experience in Geneva , the Boston area and Caracas . In the past years I have trained and gained experience in the listening training approach of Dr.Alfred Tomatis,  as a valuable complement to psychotherapy.

As a Swiss national, I have an understanding of multinational communities because of my cross-cultural personal experience.  My father was from Geneva and worked mostly as an executive for international companies. My mother who is originally from Hamburg was raised in Curaçao. After my parents met in Venezuela, they lived back and forth between Europe and South America. I was born in Caracas, came as a toddler to Geneva, moved as a teenager to Caracas where I completed a French baccalaureat in a French school. Then I left for San Diego, California where I studied two years of biology and pre-medicine  before opting for psychology and choosing Venezuela as my homeland for the next twelve years. Marriage and two children rooted me finally back in Geneva.

With this background, I have developed an approach which focuses essentially on the here and now and exactly what you are trying to solve. It respects how you envision yourself, the goals you pursue, your personal preferences and your wishes.



Key words:

Psychology: Five years master’s level degree, “Universidad Católica Andres Bello”, Caracas.

Clinical psychology: Three years postgraduate certificate, “Hospital Universitario de Caracas”.

Substance abuse: One year postgraduate certificate in alcoholism and substance abuse, “Boston University”.

Family therapy: “Metro West Mental Health Association” and “Geneva Family Institute”.


Professional experience:

In Geneva, I have the opportunity to work with both the local and international communities on issues related to migration, integration, high expectations, stress, work instability, interpersonal conflicts, issues in the couple and with children, parenting, anxiety and depression.

In the Boston area I worked with both Spanish and English speaking individuals and families on issues related to educational psychology, migration, integration, abuse and social work .

In Caracas I worked with children and adults with traumas and major mental and physical illnesses such as psychosis, substance abuse, eating disorders, cancer and aids .

Geneva: Since 1997, independent practice in psychology and psychotherapy.

Boston: Three years as psychotherapist for “Metro West Mental Health Association” in Framingham/Massachusetts (the facility belongs now to the Metro West Medical Center).

Caracas: Three years as clinical psychologist and psychotherapist for “Hospital Universitario de Caracas” .