Arrange for a first appointment by mail info(at)  or rchevallier(at)

Attend anywhere from one to three sessions to describe your current situation, clarify your expectations and get to know the therapist.

Decide whether or not you want to continue.

Review progress every ten sessions.


What you say remains CONFIDENTIAL .

In your first email, please specify goals you would like to achieve and other wishes.

Let me know if you are asking for acute crisis therapy or regular psychotherapy.

If you are in a personal crisis but not feeling any need for medication, please consider associating psychotherapy and audiotherapy.

If you are in a personal crisis and feeling you need hospitalisation & medication, please contact ASAP your local emergency room.


Please allow for 24h to get an answer as I personally answer each mail. 

If you donnot get an answer after 48h, please leave a message at +41227323240.

Therapy is charged per session. You remain free to decide frequency and duration.