Types of services:

Counselling, psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families.

Listening test and psychotherapeutic listening training,  according to guidelines by Dr. Alfred Tomatis.

Difficulties related to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, traumas, migration, conflictual relationships and mental illnesses.

Languages spoken: English, French and Spanish.


Length, time, frequency and cost of sessions:

Psychotherapy meetings last 50mn for individuals,  90 mn for couples, every week or two depending on stated needs and goals.

A listening training round lasts a total of 36 to 60 hours over a period of three to six months, with regular follow-up meetings and listening tests.

The cost of psychotherapy is covered by public swiss insurances as well as some international insurances upon medical referral.

The cost of the psychotherapeutic listening training according to Dr. Alfred Tomatis is covered by some swiss private complementary insurances.