In Switzerland, PSYCHOLOGISTS are professionals who have completed at least master's level studies in psychology. It enables them to work in any field where scientific knowledge about human behaviour is necessary. Only some of them are also psychotherapists thanks to years of additional certified training in psychotherapy: they are called FSP psychologists -psychotherapists.

In Switzerland, psychotherapy by certified psychologists-psychotherapists is reimbursed by basic&complementary medical insurances as well as some international insurances.

In Switzerland, it is the FSP (Swiss Federation of Psychologists) which controls certification as well as the canton’s association of psychologists and the canton’s Health Department.  For regular psychotherapy, Swiss Insurances require a medical doctor's referral.  It can be your GP, or a medical doctor specialised in internal or integrative medicine, annually for 2x15 sessions (without a psychiatric evaluation). Additionally, any medical doctor can prescribe 2x10 sessions for crisis psychotherapy.